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A TikToker revealed a breastfeeding nightmare after she told her followers that one of her nipples fell off while feeding her son.

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Brooke, also known as @Brookesobasic, described her experience under the title “Things I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding.” She says she was trying to get her newborn son to latch onto her breast when she noticed something was off. “I noticed the latch was not so good, my nipple started to turn black at the base and white at the base. That’s a sign of bad blood flow, and there’s no blood getting to the nipple,” she exclaimed.

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“I latched my baby boy on, he’s nursing, and he stops. I’m looking down, and he’s kind of choking. My nipple broke off, and he had it in his mouth. I started panicking and freaking out,” she continued. Brooke said she, her sister, and her mother got the nipple, rinsed it off, and put it back on. She added that her nurse told her that the nipple could reattach itself on its own if there were enough blood flow.

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After the situation, Brooke said that was the last time she was breastfeeding but had no future issues after giving birth to her three other children. Her video went viral on TikTok with over 591,000 views, and other women commented on how they didn’t know that was a possibility of breastfeeding.

One mother wrote, “I did not know that could happen!! now I’m terrified…I’ll continue to breastfeed, but now that will be on my mind every now and then.” Brooke said in response that she was 15 and the situation happened before the internet.

“Also because it was so long ago, we didn’t have the internet or video appointments that probably would have helped me a ton. ”

Another mom wrote that her child did the same thing, and her nipple was detached.

“My first kids latched and slightly detached it. it was dangling. .”

However, Brooke said she didn’t feel any pain during the scary moment, and her nipple was still fine.

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