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A YouTuber is facing backlash after he recorded himself living life as serial killer Jeffery Dahmer for the day after watching the Netflix series.

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DuB Bridge of the DuB Family youtube channel recorded himself living as Dahmer for 24 hours. He opened up the video by visiting a store and buying aviator glasses and a blonde wig. Throughout the clip, Bridge offers his cameraman a “spiked” drink, visits a local liquor store where he buys a beer, and then asks the cashier if they know who the serial killer is. According to Newsweek, he also went through a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru and imitated Dahmer while visiting a friend.

One of his friends also portrayed Dahmer’s youngest victim, 14-year-olf Konerak Sinthasomphone, by pretending to be drugged and re-enacted the scene where Dahmer offered to pay the teen to take photos of him. Moments later, the friend acts to be passed out on the bed, and DuB enters the bedroom.

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As seen in the series, Sinthasomphone escaped the apartment and was discovered by Dahmer’s neighbor, Gloria Cleveland, and her two daughters. However, the teen was returned to Dahmer by police after the serial killer claimed they were a couple who argued.  At the end of Bridge’s video, his six-year-old son tells him the stunt is “stupid.”

After the video was uploaded last week, the video received mixed feedback as some of the victims’ families were against the Netflix series and romanticizing the serial killer. One subscriber wrote, ‘I don’t know why it’s suddenly cool to have people want to be Jeffrey Dahmer. I’ve seen a lot of creators doing this. I support you, Dub; I just had to drop by and say that there are families still haunted by these terrible murders man. I know it’s just fun and games, so don’t take it wrong, but this one just isn’t for me.’

Another subscriber said the video was in poor taste and called its content foul as it was disrespectful to the victims’ families.

“Imagine someone recreating what happened to your brother & then being told to laugh more. Where’s the integrity? This is FOUL.’

I’m never one to be sensitive about ANYTHING on the internet. However, some things you should just have compassion about and should not do. This is one of them. People were victims at the end of the day. This could have stayed in the vault

You do understand he was a real person who SA and killed 17 people I don’t think you’ll be laughing or joking if one of those victims was ur family member it would be traumatizing to relive something so traumatic over and over. I hope you understand.

In response to the backlash, Dub told his subscribers they needed to “stop taking everything so serious and laugh.” The video currently has 189,000 views. Two days after the video’s upload, Bridge claimed he had never heard of the serial killer and thought the story was fictional in a video apologizing for his content.

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